Rebecca Krinke

Rebecca Krinke

Rebecca Krinke

17th street cemetery


The Memorial to the Unknown honors the many unknown individuals that are buried in City Cemetery. The new monument overlays the memorial to John Sutter, the “founder of Sacramento”. Many of the “unknowns” in the cemetery were Chinese immigrants who came to early Sacramento and helped build the city. This project alludes to questions such as: Who is a “hero”? What is a life? How do we remember? And who do we remember and why?


Three Chinese Americans from Sacramento are honored here at the site of the Wong Family Benevolent Association: Jimmie Yee, Lawrence Tom, and Lina Fat.  Jimmie Yee chairs the Sacramento County Board of Supervisors; he has 35 years of public and community service. Lawrence Tom is co-author of the books Sacramento’s Chinatown and Locke and the Sacramento Delta Chinatowns. Lina Fat is a pharmacist, restaurateur, and award-winning businesswoman who has given decades to community service.

About the Artist:

Rebecca Krinke is a multidisciplinary artist working across sculpture, installation, public art, and social practice. In broad terms, her creative practice and research deals with issues related to trauma and responses to trauma.

Krinke disseminates her work through gallery shows and temporary and permanent public works. She has shown her work at national and international venues such as the Walker Art Center, Franconia Sculpture Park, and BV Gallery, Bristol, UK. She is a member of Rosalux Gallery, Minneapolis. Her recent work has focused on temporary, participatory projects that engage place and emotion, and include: What Needs to Be Said? installed in a vacant storefront in St. Paul and the Nash Gallery, Minneapolis; Flood Stories, commissioned by the Plains Art Museum in Fargo, ND, and Unseen/Seen: The Mapping of Joy and Pain in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

Krinke is co-curating an exhibition on public practice for 2014; this is a collaborative project between the University of Minnesota and the Walker Art Center. She has been a visiting artist at the Art Institute of San Francisco, the University of Southern Colorado, and St. John’s University, among others. She is co-convener of the international artist-academic network: Mapping Spectral Traces and a member of the UK-based group PLaCE, an artist-academic collective for place-based practice and research. Krinke teaches at the Universityof Minnesota.

Past Works: